Relationship Therapy

Premarital Therapy

Premarital Therapy is one of the most important investments you can make in your relationship. Research shows that attending Premarital Therapy before getting married greatly decreases the risk of divorce and significantly enhances relationship satisfaction. I am certified in facilitating the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment with couples. The goal of the program is to help premarital couples prepare for marriage and married couples enrich their marriage by increasing their awareness of relationship strengths and growth areas and providing you with skills to improve your relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Therapy

Did you meet the love of your life online or while traveling, hit it off, but are experiencing speed bumps on your relationship road? Do you and your partner live in separate areas and are finding it hard to communicate, feel connected, or happy with your relationship anymore? With the increased use of dating apps and even multi-user video games, relationships can begin and develop over great distances. In Long Distance Relationship Therapy, these challenges can be addressed in person and/or through video tele-conferencing while I guide you through ways improve connection, trust, and inter-dependence.

Therapy for Affair and Infidelity Recovery

You find your partner’s sexy text messages that were not meant for you. You find your spouse getting home late at night and continuously coming up with excuses of their whereabouts. This could be an emotional affair, a physical relationship, or anything in between. You feel betrayed, like you can never trust them again and wonder to yourself ‘how could this have happened?’ I can give you a safe space to voice how you feel and work towards making your relationship even stronger by helping you find out ‘what went wrong.’

Lifestyle Relationship Therapy

Have you recently discovered that you have some kink fantasies that you want to explore with your partner(s) but are unsure how to bring it up? Maybe you want to adventure into opening your relationship up but have trouble coming up with the right words. I pride myself on giving a space for you an your partner(s) to allow expression of relationship issues & exploration while feeling heard by a neutral party (myself) that affirmatively supports issues in this community while also noting that identifying as being part of this community may not have anything to do with your relationship issues.

LGBTQIA+ Relationship Therapy

Are you part of the LGBTQIA+ community and are looking for a safe and confidential space to discuss your relationship issues? I affirmatively support the issues in this community and I work collaboratively with you towards the goal of helping you walk a happier life.

Therapy for Divorce

Are you and your partner feeling stuck, in the process of separation, or feel like there is no turning back for the relationship? Are you and your soon to be ex-partner currently going through a divorce? There is evidence backing the positive outcomes of going to therapy while being in the trenches of divorce. Therapy can help you learn conflict resolution tools to leave the relationship on better terms. If you have children, therapy can help you learn or enhance your co-parenting skills.