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Hello! My name is Paige Bond, a registered marriage and family therapist intern. You may have found yourself on this page because you are looking for premarital therapy, couples therapy, relationship therapy, poly or kink friendly therapy, or life coaching.

Whether you're having trouble with your partner(s), going through a break up, or starting fresh, it would be my honor to help you navigate that journey. My passion is working with people experiencing relationship difficulties. Some of the most common issues facing partners are communication, sexuality, intimacy, finances, and infidelity. What if over the next few months I could walk you through the steps to a happier and healthier future? Stop questioning yourself, it's time to reach out!

You want to find out why the same fights continue with your partner(s) and put an end to them. You want to heal your broken heart after losing someone you loved. You're ready to be vulnerable so that you feel connected to your partner but need guidance. We can get through this together. I have specific training in premarital therapy and conflict resolution.

With online scheduling and the ability to see you in-office or online throughout Florida, I make it easy to fit therapy into your busy life. Scheduling is simple: Scheduling is simple: Call (407) 699-5824 answered 7 days a week. Together, we can gain that life you have been longing for so contact me today!

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